Hi! I'm the face behind this mess.

My name is Nick Johnson. I started Missing Link Artistry in 2020, mostly as a place to compile all of my portfolios. I knew I wanted to sell artwork, and it quickly expanded from prints of my physical works, to computer-designed stickers, and beyond.

Knowing how integral activism is to me and my work, giving back to various charities is an important part of my business model. I’m not afraid to speak my mind on political issues, as art has always been a medium for advocating social change.

On the occasions I’m not creating art, you can probably find me playing my ukulele, reminiscing about my international travel experiences, or cuddling animals. Or napping. Naps are good.

Nick is wearing a crimson polo shirt. He has blue eyes, blond hair and beard, and a smile.

Our Mission

To help customers and clients find the original artwork or commission of their dreams -- their Missing Link.

Our Values

We value diversity, quality, customer commitment, and inspiring change -- all while not taking life *too* seriously.

Our Vision

To be a source of quality original artwork with an underlying voice for positive change -- be it in the government or on your living room wall.

A note on politics and art (honesty ahead, you have been warned)

I am an artist. It is the prime directive of an artist to take note of the social issues of their time, whether consciously or subconsciously. These issues could become the subject of one or more bodies of work, or they could simply inform decisions made regarding the artist’s other content or livelihood as a whole. Personally, as a white male in today’s society — and as part of a generation that is increasingly outspoken — I feel a deep-seated responsibility to showcase these issues; if not to drive social change singlehandedly, then to get my thoughts out of my rather crowded brain. My beliefs are my own, but I will not apologize for them. Basic human rights shouldn’t be an argument, period.

I tend toward punk/leftist beliefs, with an asterisk. This is, at first glance, kind of odd — a small business owner being anti-capitalist? The potential for hypocrisy is not lost on me, hence why I usually say “entrepreneur with a conscience”. DIY culture is important to me regarding finding one’s own personality, style, and identity; additionally, I believe that individualism must then be celebrated together with other individuals, each bringing their own life experiences to the table. Collecting experiences and life wisdom from folks from all races, genders, sexualities, etc is integral to how I live my life, and a good life philosophy all around.

However, you cannot fill an empty well with an empty bucket. Thus, I am stating here: I recognize the need for capital, but my need to do my part to offset the evils of the world is stronger.