Missing Link Artistry

A brochure from the Seattle Wildlife Reserve, a fictitious zoo.
A map of the Seattle Wildlife Reserve, a fictitious zoo.

Seattle Wildlife Reserve
Map Brochure Design

CLASS: Portfolio Preparation | 2021

Brief: Create a map brochure for a fictitious zoo, as would be handed out at the establishment itself.

This project is actually the second half of a two-part endeavor: create the animal symbols, then integrate them into a marketing piece. I struggled with fitting everything I needed to zoo-wise (animals, amenities, a realistic layout) while making everything aesthetically pleasing and as realistic as possible. The other side of the map involved research on the animals I chose, enough to create small blurbs about each without overwhelming the reader. The entire front side was an exercise in layout, as I had to fit all the relevant information in each panel while making cohesive sense overall.