A chine collé and trace monotype piece related to riot grrrl feminism.


Trace monotype and chine collé on Thai kozo | 2020

Brief: Create a suite of three monoprints [i.e. each one is unique] using appropriated elements, trace monotype, and chine collé [a method of attaching a thinner paper to a thicker backing]. Thematically, blend several unrelated images into a cohesive whole.

Another first for me on several levels, this was part of a suite focused on my love of riot grrl music and the feminist causes of the era, alongside my own struggles with physical disability. This one in particular takes the butterfly, a common motif for delicate femininity, and places it on top of a medical diagram of the spine and assorted organs. I used the woman symbol to highlight the uterus, another polarizing and inexplicably political symbol. [Seriously. Just let people with uteruses be.] Also included is the image of a chiropractic table, a concept (like modern feminism) that some treat as legitimate, and others dismiss as “out there” and not worth investigating.