An abstract intersection of many lines, creating variously shaped areas some of which are filled in with charcoal or teal watercolor.

"Blue Fractals"

Charcoal and watercolor on Stonehenge | 2018

A favorite technique of mine that I’ve replicated in several other colors, this was one of the first drawings I did that cemented my love of charcoal.

The first step was to, using charcoal, position myself in a hallway or corner such that I can draw the architectural space in front of me. The paper is then rotated or the drawing simply started in a different spot, and the process repeated a couple more times or until the paper is a mess of intersecting lines, perhaps with the occasional identifying feature such as the odd curve or detailed trim.

Then, using charcoal and watercolor in layers to build value, I was to start accenting some of the rectilinear and other shapes, creating pockets of visual interest around the page.

As a final touch, I purposely smudged some of the charcoal into the watercolor to create texture, as well as letting watercolor drip/flick onto the page.