A poster advertising an event titled "Unaccommodating Academia: How to Recognize, Advocate, and Fight For Your Rights".

Unaccommodating Academia poster

CLASS: Portfolio Preparation | 2022

Brief: Create a suite of three posters advertising fictitious events with a common theme.

I chose accessibility and mental health as my theme, with this poster being my favorite of the three. Channeling my frustrations with administration into art, I wanted to craft an event that would theoretically cater to everyone from those admin down to students, acknowledging and educating on campus-wide systemic accessibility issues. 

The speakers I chose were my roommate and myself — former UNI student government co-directors of accessibility — and two former UNI accessibility services staff members, one of whom now runs an access-focused YouTube channel (Ready and Able University – go check it out!) and the other of whom works for Disability Rights Iowa.

It was important to me to have color contrast be a focus of this poster suite, as I am advertising to, among others, disabled people, and within that potentially blind folks.

The headline photo is a sardonic favorite of mine, taken in the polar vortex of 2019.