Graphic Design Portfolio

Logo Design

Lucy Passaro Consulting logo
Dynamic Embodiment logo
The logo for All Bellies Doula.
All Bellies Doula logo
The logo for Morfsylvania Small Batch Honey, a small honey production business.
Morfsylvania Small Batch honey logo
Selk Trucking logo
Selk Trucking logo
One logo for Kesl Fencing, a family owned agricultural fencing business.
Kesl Fencing logo
Uke-N-I Ukulele Club logo
Uke-N-I Ukulele Club logo
The logo for Intertwined Farms, a regenerative agriculture business.
Intertwined Farms logo
Hunter Companies 20th Anniversary logo

Poster Design

A poster advertising an event titled "Unaccommodating Academia: How to Recognize, Advocate, and Fight For Your Rights".
Accessibility event poster
poster 04
Blue River Chocolates poster
Screenshot 2022 11 13 at 12.12.53 PM
Mandy Harvey concert poster
Frank Gehry exhibition poster

Packaging/Label Design

A gift label for Morfsylvania Honey.
Morfsylvania Small Batch honey gift label
A packaging label for Intertwined Farms honey. The label contains the Intertwined Farms logo, the word honey, the business address, and the weight in ounces and grams.
Intertwined Farms honey sale label
Monster Meals smoothie labels

Brochure Design

A map of the Seattle Wildlife Reserve, a fictitious zoo.
Seattle Wildlife Reserve map brochure design

Postage Stamp Design

Four postage stamp designs related to prosthetic arms.
Prosthetics stamp designs